List of the best applications for your Android

Google Play Store



The list of applications available for Android at Google Play is huge. Therefore, is advisable to look for the best Internet lists for what interests us, be it photography, social networking, web browsers, etc. I leave here a list of the most used in my Samsung Galaxy S2.

The fastest way to install applications on Windows: Ninite




More than one will know what it is a waste of time putting in place a newly installed Windows, seeking one by one critical applications that hasn't got by default.

To save those hours (yes, hours) installing and configuring these tools there is a wonderful web:

From this site you can select the most useful applications that Windows does not provide in its initial installation as web browsers, audio and video programs, security, etc.

5 basic steps for your Samsung Wave S8500

Samsung Wave S8500



 5 Steps to your Samsung Wave to take full advantage of this mobile operating system based on the Bada:

1. Install Samsung Kies on your computer

The official Samsung software is somewhat crude but necessary for some useful tasks such as importing / exporting the phone contacts to computer, update Bada, keep track of downloaded applications from Samsung Apps, etc.

Note: in order to use it on Windows 7 I had to give administrator permissions to Kies executable, if not there was no way to recognize the phone.